Artistic Ceramics Inc. is Southern California's progressive ceramic production studio and ceramic supplier for all ceramic artist. We specialize in all stages of ceramic production for the idea creator. We service the artist, private collector and also engage in public installations and special causes. 

We create and produced utilitarian functional ware, sculpture, decorative art and architectural centerpiece tiles. We work with many types of clay bodies and fire in oxidation kilns to create earthenware and mid-range stoneware ceramics.

In addition to our own finished products, we manufacture Artistic Line Resist. We provide web access to our educational videos and other creative tools for your own use. We also offer a unique combination of services to assist in product development from your vision, conceptual art, mold making, model work, production color and form, all done confidentially to safeguard your project. 

At Artistic Ceramics Inc. we bring ideas to life in clay.

Proudly made in the USA

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