One jar, endless possibilities.

Artistic Line Resist is a nontoxic wax free, oil based decorative glaze barrier that deposits a dark line on greenware or bisque. Apply by silk screen, pipe raised lines, stamp, stencil, or mix with our special thinner for brushing and other techniques.  Artistic Line Resist performs within a wide range of kiln temperatures when fired from cone 06 to 10 and even Raku.  Artistic Line Resist is rich matte black at cone 06, or glossy deep hues of brown to black from cone 5 to cone 10, making this the most versatile resist available.

Artistic Line Resist opens a whole new world of possibilities to integrate modern technology of creating a rich line to frame your favorite glazes. Artistic Line Resist is the perfect medium for the beginner or professional ceramicist.  Artistic Line Resist can be cleaned up easily with rubbing alcohol, no harsh chemicals needed!  Artistic Line Resist is certified nontoxic, conforms to 
ASTM D-4236 and is lead safe for use on food vessels.


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